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How My Digital Artwork Honours the Old Masters and the Kitsch Painters of modern times

As a digital artist, I have always been fascinated by the works of the Old Masters and the Kitsch Painters of modern times. The Old Masters is the term for the eminent European artists who worked from the Renaissance to 1800, and who created masterpieces of realism, perspective, and proportion. The Kitsch Painters are the contemporary classical painters who follow the philosophy of Odd Nerdrum, and who incorporate the techniques of the Old Masters with narrative, romanticism, and emotionally charged imagery.

I admire the Old Masters for their skill, craftsmanship, and innovation. They were able to capture the beauty and complexity of the human condition, as well as the natural and cultural landscapes of their time. Some of my favourite Old Masters are Leonardo da Vinci,

Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Caravaggio. I also appreciate the Kitsch Painters for their

courage, originality, and expression. They are not afraid to challenge the conventions of the

modern art world, and to create art that is meaningful, personal, and timeless. Some of the

Kitsch Painters that inspire me are Odd Nerdrum, Jan-Ove Tuv, Helene Knoop, and Carlos


In my own digital artwork, I try to honour both the Old Masters and the Kitsch Painters by using a limited colour palette around flesh tones, and by choosing subject matter that is from older times with elements of love, sex, death, and sentimentality. I use digital tools including Adobe Photoshop to create my images, but I try to apply the principles of

composition, lighting, and anatomy that I learned from studying the Old Masters and the Kitsch Painters. I also like to add some subtle references or homages to their works, such as poses, symbols, or motifs.

My goal is to create digital artwork that is both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging. I want to evoke a sense of nostalgia, wonder, and curiosity in the viewer, and to invite them to explore the stories and meanings behind my images. I also want to show that digital art can be as rich, deep, and authentic as traditional art, and that it can be a valid and valuable form of artistic expression.

Here are a few examples of my more recent work. Or you can view my whole output at This recent work commences in the 2023 Art Gallery.

"Portrait of Manos as a Myrmidon"

This is a portrait of my boyfriend, set in Ancient Greece. It was created using oil paint brushes in Photoshop and is designed with a colour palette mainly centred around yellows, reds, oranges and browns. I've attempted to recapture the dramatic lighting of a Renaissance painting, and the subject matter is drawn together with some carefully placed Greek artifacts.

© 2023 Minos6Art by Dzanetos Andros
The Seafaring Triplets

"The Seafaring Triplets"

Another attempt to recapture the light, palette and atmosphere of a Renaissance painting, but digitally. Brothers share a toddy and a moment of peace on the high seas.

"The Choir"

My main influence here was the Kitsch painter Odd Nerdrum, who is not afraid to display scenes that depict death, or that are sad or melancholy in some way. Here, the deceased lament their inability to interact with the living. This picture also includes some verse I wrote to accompany it.

© 2023 Minos6Art by Dzanetos Andros
The Return of the Sun 2023

"The Return of the Sun 2023"

A parent and child welcome the sunrise after a long night. The early sunlight catches them and their surroundings as they wonder at the glorious spectacle. My main goal here was to create a feeling of hope.

I hope you enjoyed this blog article, and that you learned something new about my digital

artwork, the Old Masters, and the Kitsch Painters. If you have any questions or comments,

please feel free to contact me via my website. Thank you for reading!

Dzanetos Andros


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