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The Future of Digital Art: Will AI Replace Human Creativity?

In the world of art, there’s been an ongoing debate between digital artists and AI-generated art. While both have their merits, it’s important to consider the unique qualities that each brings to the table, when considering the Future of Digital Art.

Digital artists possess a level of skill and expertise that allows them to create artwork that is truly one-of-a-kind. Their ability to infuse their emotions and personal experiences into their work results in pieces that are emotionally engaging and deeply resonant with the human condition.

AI-generated art is derived from algorithms and data, and by necessity will plagiarise the work of human artists to varying degrees. While it may lack the human touch, with the right input it can nevertheless explore boundaries and ideas that may not have been possible otherwise. It can push creativity and challenge our perceptions.

It's important to recognize that AI should never be seen as a replacement for digital artists. Instead, it should be viewed as a tool for exploration and inspiration. With the AI capabilities built into the latest version of Photoshop, digital artists have the opportunity to embrace the new technology, and incorporate it into their workflow. By combining the skills of digital artists with the possibilities offered by AI, we can unlock new realms of artistic expression.

Ultimately, whether digital artists or AI-generated art prevail is not the question. Both have their place in the ever-evolving world of art, contributing in unique ways. From a personal perspective, I’m becoming more prepared to incorporate subtle elements of AI in my work. For example, I recently experimented with Generative Fill to add hot coals into an image with great success and time saving. But at present I have no interest in generating whole images from AI, or using it extensively in one piece, since it wouldn’t satisfy my personal desire to be creative myself. As another tool in my kit though, it has potential.

Woman hanging by rope over hot coals, incorporating elements of AI
Hot coals and smoke in this image were added in Photoshop using AI

Ultimately, it's not about choosing one over the other but rather recognizing that both digital artists and AI art have a place in the creative landscape. I believe that digital artists who embrace both will allow themselves to experience a richer tapestry of artistic expression to inspire us, challenge us, and push the boundaries of our creativity to new heights.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on AI generated art. Thanks for reading!

Dzanetos Andros


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